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Lesia Vasylencho, "XXOY"

“XX0Y” is a meditative work that draws on my interests in the dual searches for cultural and self-identity. In this video work, I’m bringing together a Skype Interview with my friend from Russia and the landscape, which I filmed being outside countries of the former Eastern bloc. The film based on the story of a person who recalls his experiences, feelings, and thoughts living intersex in Post-Soviet time. The main character owns a zero chromosome and can’t identify himself as a man or woman.

In the Soviet society, discussions around gender issues were not accepted because of the official line of negating the worth of the individual in favor of the collective. Twenty-six years after the Union collapsed, vestiges of Soviet norms are still limiting discourse around gender and remains rife with challenges about violation of human rights.

My generation, born in the early 1990s, is tending to self-determination, dignity, and freedom, trying to reinvent itself beyond the constraints of gender, and looking for a future free from the “past”

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