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Anatoliy Belov & Oksana Kazmina

Anatoliy Belov & Oksana Kazmina (UKR)
16.11.2018 – 25.11.2018
Opening Friday, November 16th, 20-22

K4 presents the work of Kyiv-based artists and filmmakers Anatoly Belov and Oksana Kazmina. Using the artistic medium for pushing the boundaries of identity politics, Belov and Kazmina take on board questions of queerness, gender, sexuality, love, loneliness, and alienation within a homophobic society. The artists use a surreal and poetic language, entangling gender and sometimes psychedelic experiences. 

Sex, Medicated, Rock’n’Roll
This short-film musical is a romantic story about love and failure, the consequences of revealing cultural and social prejudices. Using the aesthetics of music video, Belov and Kazmina undermine the patriarchal code through showing the relation between the three people. The song for the video was composed by Lyudska Podoba (Human Shape), in which Belov is one of the participants. It draws attention to the different possible meanings of the word ‘drugs’– a means of intoxication but also a curative care. The Sex, Medicated, Rock’n’Roll won the Public Choice Award at Pinchuk Art Center in 2013. 

Feast Of Life
Docu-fiction film Feast of Life tells the fantastic story about vampire ravers and shows the Ukrainian young electronic music scene and its environment. The film has various cultural references, in which Belov and Kazmina continue the theme of the interrelation of intimate and public, as well as gender and identity. Drawing an inspiration from cinephilia and ancient Roman Сarnavals, the artists creates a parallel between the renaissance of the electronic music scene in Kyiv, that rapidly develops despite difficult political conditions, and the movements in West Berlin of the 80-90s. 

One Bullet, One Aim, Bicycle
The film is not narrated, but de/constructed through the improvisation and personal experiences of its participants. The actors are sharing their monologues from the real plays they were acting in. Taken out of its original context, and pronounced in a new set, that fragmented monologues interwove in a new unexpected construct. 

It’s Cool To Fantasize
It’s Cool To Fantasize is one of the first video works from the multimedia project Body Practices, aimed to initiate a public dialogue about body and sexuality as an important factor in the formation of a culture. Belov and Kazmina organize artistic research events, to record and collect the intimate stories about bodily experiences of participants, some of them are visualized as video series.

Program curated by Lesia Vasylchenko

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