to Oct 6


A selection of video works by students from the Bergen National Art Academy. The contributors discuss themes concerning gender, sexuality, mental health, and the sense og not belonging.

Adam Dimmheed (SE)

Johan Gonzalez (NO)

Miriam Elise Steffensen Lien Hope (NO)

Nayara Leite (Brazil)

Curated by Lars Korff Lofthusand and Bjørn Hatterud.

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to Oct 20

Shay Benamram, Untouched.

Shay Benamram (born1993)

Tel Aviv (ISR)

Reykjavik (ISL)

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower”- Alan Kay.

In his practice, Shay mainly focuses on the relationships of human agencies to non human machinery, as well as web algorithms as a virtual landscape which can be changed only by a human effect. Having the works often searching after the fine line of virtuality vs augmented reality being offered in social medias and the desire to visualise everyday situations that happen in reality but receive other faces when translating them to the Internet. Time and place disappear and the viewer is actually in a different dimension with his own rules (or sometimes without rules at all, which is actually a rule in itself). Some of his works depend on the viewer, they require a certain action, without this particular action the work has a different dimension.

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to Nov 3


STRUKTURA is a cross-disciplinary initiative for research and practice within the framework of media archeology and visual arts.

STRUKTURA investigates methods of speculative temporalities and proposes alternatives for our shared futures, where time is plural, transformative and fluid. The participating scholars and artists examine the complex relationships between time and visual media, current modes of how we instrumentalize history, cultural techniques and infrastructures for temporal mediation. The program spans across a virtual environment and physical venues based in Oslo. It consists of a public program, research lab, online/offline exhibitions and a club night. The first volume of STRUKTURA is going to be presented at The Wrong Biennale for Digital Culture.

Project initiated by Lesia Vasylchenko


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to Sep 15

Luke Van Gelderen

Luke van Gelderen`s current work is focused on how real life situations are mediated through the internet. It has led him to examine the ethics of the internet, surveillance, and his own personal digital footprint. He perform the metaphor of “the cyborg” to create a personal narrative of digital identity in an attempt to subvert the power structures which exist within the post- internet era. The search is to discover new ways of engaging with the materiality of the internet. Inhabiting the blurred line between physical and virtual space, allowing for alternate realities which question and re-imagine how we use digital media.

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Kornelia Remø Klokk
to Jun 2

Kornelia Remø Klokk

Kornelia Remø Klokk

Derelict Utilization of Sustainable Transformation

Opening Friday 31.5 20:00-22:00

Saturday 01.6 13:00-15:00
Sunday 02.6 13:00-15:00

DERELICT UTILIZATION OF SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION, also known as D.U.S.T., embodies the destructive manipulation within the act of creation. The structures of being are dismanteled and grinded into a powdered form of ruination, for the sole purpose of being ressurected once more. D.U.S.T. is the original element. The first matter of existance. D.U.S.T. is the last element. The cause and effect of destruction. D.U.S.T is the loop of materiality.

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Erik Thörnqvist
to Feb 24

Erik Thörnqvist

Erik Thörnqvist “Tactual Interest”

Opening Friday 22.2 19:00-22:00
Saturday 23.2 14:00-17:00
Sunday 24.2 14:00-17:00

or by appointment

The everyday schedule of the factory is rigid and with high speed. Even though the prominent presence of technical machines – the human hand is of great importance. Each touch adds value to the product.

What happens though when the system itself implies a policing agent to the persons whom are working there? Is a structured day and becoming a robot as close to bliss one could come? Can swiping your feed be the outermost rebellion to the problem with work? Smear yourself with green goo, take a bite of blue bao bread and then get stuck in the circuit.

Soundtrack by MISSMOTOR, choreography by Emelie Markgren. 

Thanks to: 


Erik Thörnqvist (SE) is a visual artist working mostly with video, sculpture, installation and performance and is currently studying at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. 

This exhibition is curated by Karin Keisu

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to Feb 10


Gjermund Eskedal

Opening Friday 8.2 19:00-22:00
Saturday 9.2 14:00-17:00
Sunday 10.2 14:00-17:00

or by appointment


“Surrender” is generated from simulated coincidences. The body surrenders to powers outside of itself in a world consisting of nothing more than attraction and repulsion. When moving through invisible fields where different forces and rules reign the body is forced to adapt to the environment and give in to the strongest will.

The works of Oslo based artist Gjermund Eskedal consist of 3D animated scenes exploring eerie and claustrophobic themes influenced by pop culture and science fiction. Their first solo exhibition “Surrender” consists of five animated works, exploring digital materials and bodies in motion.

Music production by Liam S Thoresen.


The exhibition is curated by Josse Thuresson

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to Jan 27


Yafei Qi
"Wearing the Fog"
Duration: 13 min 38 sec

Opening Friday 25.1 19:00-22:00
Saturday 26.1 14:00-17:00
Sunday 27.1 14:00-17:00

or by appointment

"Wearing the Fog" is a double-screen video with a non-linear narrative structure. It circles around the cold of the industrial world and the indifference and estrangement of a family living in a rapidly developing city. Due to the lack of administrative control, the air pollution is very serious in this city. People have to communicate with each other through the obstruction of gauze mask and fog. This kind of interaction disrupts the possibility of real contact. Yafei mix the feeling towards this severe reality and the understanding towards family life to show the gap between two generations, the estrangement between the father and the mother and the clash between individual and social development, all of which is enhanced and manifested through the use of double-screen.


Yafei Qi is a performance- & video-artist with a background in filmmaking and painting based in Berlin. Her work examines the clashes between cultural norms & traditional values and the mindset of a globalising Chinese society.

Yafei received her BA in Film- and Video-Art at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 and graduated with a MFA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHIB) in 2016. In 2015, she spent six months at Emily Carr University, Vancouver.

Her 2016 piece "Wearing the Fog" has been selected by various international films festivals and won - amongst other awards - "Best Experimental Film" at "The Broadway Film Festival" in Brooklyn, NY. In 2017, her performances "Life Tells Lies" and "I wonder why", as well as the resulting video-works, received international acclaim. Since then, Yafei has had museum exhibitions in Bergen, Shenzhen & Beijing.

Curated by Karin Keisu

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to Jan 13


Lova Ranung

Opening Friday 11.1 19:00-22:00
Saturday 12.1 14:00-17:00
Sunday 13.1 14:00-17:00

or by appointment


Lova Ranung's visual and sound piece Forrest (2018) centers around theories of synthesized life and questions about how one can digitalize nature. Scandinavian flora and fauna are placed into the digital realm. Computer generated 3D imagery create semi-abstract interpretations of nature. Intricately layered compositions of plants and animals make a statement of technology’s impact on planet earth and how advancements in society are affecting the natural systems of life.

Lova Ranung (SE) is currently studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London, UK. Ranung recurrently explore the subective gaze and plays with textures and energies of objects in their work. With the free 3D modeling software Blender Ranung create poetic videos with ambient and digitally manipulated sounds from nature.

See more of Lova Ranung’s video works at:


The exhibition is curated by Josse Thuresson

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